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Timeshares can truly save you money, especially if they are free.

Modern timeshare has become more flexible and adapted to the growing demands of its owners and resorts.  Today's exchange of ownership is fluid and beneficial for everyone.

Take over.

Simply take over the ownership of a timeshare.  Ownership is transferred to you free of charge.

Why free?

Resorts need owners that use the timeshares and pay maintenance fees for the use.

Enjoy it.

Enjoy the benefits of timeshare ownership without having to pay for it.

Understand the benefits of ownership

  • Alway pay less than retail rates to stay in a condo on vacation.
  • Trade the timeshare & travel to places such as Vegas, Cancun or Hawaii, or a cruise!
  • Access highly discounted rental weeks starting at approx $249.
  • Always have a place to go every year!

Did you know?

Timeshare is the single largest segment in the travel industry at over $7 billion annually.

8 million Americans own timeshare.

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What to know

  • How does Timeshare Nation make money if the timeshares are really free?
    This may be our most asked question...Timeshare Nation is paid to find a new owner for a timeshare, which means we do not have to charge anything to our customers. In all cases, the closing costs and resort transfer fees are covered, which allows us to give the timeshares for $0.
  • How long does it take to be the new owner?
    The timeline is dependent on many things; how fast the resort transfer agent receives the paperwork, how fast the deed is drafted and signed, and how fast the resort acknowledges the new ownership. The industry average is 30-60 days. Some resorts take longer, so please don't expect the ownership changes to happen in a week or two. You will be able to keep informed of the progress directly from the resort transfer agent working on your transfer, or you may find out your status at anytime by calling us at 800 269 5574.
  • How do I take ownership? What are the next steps?
    Taking ownership is easy, but there are three things needed in order to start the process: Click Reserve Now on any timeshare we have. Proceed to fill out the reservation form so we can send you the $0 offer letter. Once you complete the $0 offer letter, you will also be required to send a copy of your photo ID. Your offer letter will be sent to your email used when you click Reserve Now, and is able to be digitally signed. You may see a sample of the Offer Letter & Buyer Information Form HERE: Once the Offer Letter is executed, you will start working with the resort transfer agent on any other documents the resort may require.
  • You said the timeshare is free, but are there any additional fees?"
    There are NO additional fees to take ownership. The only expense is the ongoing maintenance fee, which is paid directly to the resort or HOA. All of our properties have the maintenance fee already paid in the current year, and you won't have to pay anything until maintenance fees are due for the next year. In some cases, the next year maintenance fees have been paid, too. Some resorts do require the new owner to pay a portion of the upcomming maintenance fee during the transfer process.
  • Are the timeshares really free?
    YES. The timeshares are 100% free. You will not pay any transfer fees, tax, or anything else to take ownership of our timeshares. You will be working directly with a resort transfer agent for the transfer of ownership and 100% of their costs are covered. Your only cost is to pay the ongoing maintenance fees for your future use. All resort maintenance fees are listed on each timeshare on Timeshare Nation.
  • Who currently owns the timeshares?
    All of the timeshares on are owned by their current owners. Timeshare Nation only markets timeshares on behalf of 3rd parties or resorts.
  • This sounds too good to be true, what is the catch?"
    Probably our second most asked question...the best answer is to consider "how and why" Timeshare Nation has free timeshares. We find new owners for timeshares so maintenance fees can continue to be paid. Maintenance fees are very important for resort operations, and they simply cannot go unpaid. Therefore, our true goal is to find maintenance fee payers.
  • How much are the resort transfer fees?
    Resort transfer fees range from $0 and up. You can confirm the resort transfer fee directly with the resort, and it will also be provided from the resort on the resort estoppel.
  • Can I have more than one?
    Our goal is to find homes for these timeshares, and make sure it is done with integrity. This means, we are looking for people that want to use the timeshare and understand what they are getting.
  • Do you have any other properties than what are listed?
    We normally keep a large list of additional availability that you can access. However to access the additional inventory you can see a spreadsheet here.

Additional Information

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