7 More Reasons To Own A Timeshare

Timeshare Nation is a company based on the concept of providing individuals and families with free timeshares in order to ensure the resort has new maintenance fee payers. Understandably, this concept is met with skepticism, which is not entirely different from the reception the entire timeshare industry receives. Therefore, to better help anyone interested in Timeshare Nation or the timeshare industry, here are the best reasons to acquire a timeshare from Timeshare Nation.

Owning a timeshare saves money

There are limited options for people in the vacation market: acquire a timeshare, rent from a hotel, or homeaway vacation rental. Ultimately, timeshare vacations are less costly than staying in a hotel for a week. They are more secure than vacation rentals, which rely heavily on the independent host. Some hosts are great, others not so much. Plus, timesharing is normally less expensive than vacation rentals.

After you acquire a timeshare from Timeshare Nation, you’re only responsible for the annual maintenance fees, and according to ARDA, the average annual maintenance fee is $660 (see more here). Based on our customer data, the average weekly cost for hotel accommodations and homeaway vacation rentals is $1,300. Pairing our customer data with ARDA’s report shows you’ll start saving $640 annually on average.

Timeshares are more spacious

Let’s go back to the decision between a timeshare or hotel room for a second. Not only are timeshares cheaper, but they are also incredibly more spacious! Timeshares are spacious, condo-like accommodations. They generally include kitchens or kitchenettes, which is not something cramped hotel rooms usually include. The spaciousness of timeshare vacations allow for families to experience a comfortable and cozy stay at their favorite locations.

Encourages yearly vacations

Everyone enjoys vacationing, and most would like to do so as much as possible. Unfortunately, planning and expenses create more than enough headaches to halt an entire vacation.

Timeshares are the perfect remedy for this problem. The travel arrangements do not differ from year to year. The annual expenses are affordable. You’re guaranteed a beautiful vacation year-after-year. The normal stressful road bumps that come with vacationing are eliminated by acquiring timeshares from Timeshare Nation.

Friends and family

A timeshare is a family commodity. To better enjoy your vacation, the spacious timeshares allow for friends and family to tag along. An annual vacation develops many fantastic family memories. Also, if, for any reason, you’re unable to use your timeshare week, you have the ability to lend the timeshare to friends and family, as well.

The one time acquisition of a timeshare enables more than a lifetime of vacations. That’s right, MORE than a lifetime. You can pass the timeshare onto your family members; the acquisition never expires!

Exclusive access to select memberships - exchange your timeshare around the world

When someone becomes an owner of a timeshare, they attain the exclusive opportunity of becoming a member of a travel exchange company. Being a member of exchange companies, RCI and Interval Inte