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Multiple Destinations

Exploria Resorts

Resale Price :

$2,500 - $14,000

   All timeshare resales are managed by a licensed third party.

*Resale Price is based on Approximate Market Value

Resort Information

Members have the opportunity to embrace a whole new vacation world – a world where new destinations are discovered and exceptional vacation memories are created which will provide the foundation for the stories member families will share for years to come. Club Exploria is a community of owners who share a desire for a flexible and individualized manner of vacationing. Within the Club Exploria resort portfolio, members discover a wide collection of travel destinations and other vacation benefits, each designed to meet the changing needs and desires of the Club’s members.

Current Timeshares

In order to keep up with the high demand, Timeshare Nation operates on a first come, first serve basis.  In order to guarantee the availability of your timeshare, it is recommended to quickly return any paperwork or requested items.

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