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Washington DC

The District By Hilton Club

*Resale Price :

$7,000 - $10,000

Our Price :


   No Closing Costs

√   No Transfer Fees

*Resale Price is based on Approximate Market Value


Resort Information

Step into a living history book with every visit to Washington, D.C. Consider our capital resort your window to a wealth of activities guaranteed to please all pursuits. Hitch a ride to nearby Georgetown to shop the boutiques along the charming canals and cobblestone streets. Get an inside look at the U.S. Capitol building and gaze through the wrought-iron gates outside the White House. Stroll past the monuments along the National Mall – if you time it right, you might see cherry blossom trees in bloom along the way. And no trip to D.C. is complete without a visit to the dozens of museums and galleries, a great place for grownups and little ones who are hungry for knowledge … and adventure.

Current Free Timeshares

In order to keep up with the high demand, Timeshare Nation operates on a first come, first serve basis.  In order to guarantee the availability of your timeshare, it is recommended to quickly return any paperwork or requested items.

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