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Top 7 Reasons To Be An Interval International Member

Interval International Membership
Interval International Memberhsip

Interval International is a vacation exchange company that offers various benefits to timeshare owners. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Exchange Flexibility: One of the primary benefits of Interval International is the flexibility it provides to timeshare owners. Interval International allows timeshare owners to exchange their timeshare week or points for a different resort or destination within their network. This gives owners the opportunity to explore different locations and enjoy diverse vacation experiences beyond their home resort.

  2. Worldwide Resort Network: Interval International boasts an extensive network of affiliated resorts across the globe, offering timeshare owners access to thousands of vacation options in different countries and continents. This vast network expands the possibilities for timeshare owners to travel to various destinations and explore new cultures and experiences.

  3. Bonus Weeks and Getaways: Interval International offers bonus weeks and getaway options to its members, allowing them to access additional vacations at discounted rates. Bonus weeks are extra weeks that are available for purchase, giving timeshare owners the opportunity to extend their vacation or take additional trips. Getaways are last-minute vacation deals that offer discounted stays at select resorts for a spontaneous getaway.

  4. Upgrade Opportunities: Interval International offers upgrade options that allow timeshare owners to enhance their vacation experience. This may include upgrading to a larger unit, a higher season or a more desirable location, subject to availability. This provides owners with greater flexibility and options to customize their vacations based on their preferences.

  5. Travel and Lifestyle Benefits: Interval International provides its members with various travel and lifestyle benefits, such as discounted car rentals, airfare, cruise vacations, and travel insurance. These additional perks can help timeshare owners save money and enhance their overall vacation experience.

  6. Exchange Protection: Interval International offers Exchange Plus, a fee-based feature that provides added protection to timeshare owners in case their exchange request cannot be fulfilled. Exchange Plus allows owners to re-deposit their unused week or points for future use, providing added flexibility and peace of mind.

  7. Member Services and Support: Interval International provides dedicated member services and customer support to assist timeshare owners with their vacation planning and exchange needs. This includes access to a user-friendly website, a customer service hotline, and a team of vacation advisors who can provide personalized assistance.

In summary, Interval International offers timeshare owners exchange flexibility, worldwide resort options, bonus weeks and getaways, upgrade opportunities, travel and lifestyle benefits, exchange protection, and member services and support. These benefits can enhance the value and enjoyment of timeshare ownership by providing greater flexibility, options, and opportunities for memorable vacations.


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