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Top 6 Reasons To Be An RCI Member

RCI member benefits
RCI Member Benefits

RCI (Resort Condominiums International) is a global vacation exchange company that offers timeshare owners the opportunity to exchange their timeshare ownership for stays at other affiliated resorts worldwide. Here are some benefits of RCI for timeshare owners:

  1. Flexibility in Travel Destinations: RCI provides timeshare owners with access to thousands of affiliated resorts in different locations around the world. This means that timeshare owners can exchange their timeshare for a vacation in various popular travel destinations, giving them the flexibility to explore different places and experience diverse cultures.

  2. Enhanced Vacation Options: RCI offers a wide range of vacation options beyond traditional timeshare resorts, including luxury hotels, cruises, and all-inclusive resorts. This means that timeshare owners can enjoy different types of vacations based on their preferences, interests, and travel plans.

  3. Time and Cost Savings: By using RCI to exchange their timeshare, owners can save time and money compared to booking a separate vacation rental. RCI offers discounted rates for exchange vacations, which can result in cost savings compared to booking accommodations separately. Additionally, RCI streamlines the vacation planning process by offering a convenient online booking platform, making it easy for timeshare owners to plan and book their vacations.

  4. Exchange Flexibility: RCI offers various exchange options, including traditional exchanges, where timeshare owners can exchange their timeshare week for another week at an affiliated resort; and points-based exchanges, where timeshare owners can use their ownership points to book stays at affiliated resorts. This flexibility allows timeshare owners to choose the exchange option that best suits their needs and travel plans.

  5. Additional Travel Benefits: RCI offers additional travel benefits to its members, such as discounted airfare, car rentals, and travel insurance. These benefits can further enhance the value of timeshare ownership and provide additional savings for timeshare owners when planning their vacations.

  6. Access to RCI's Membership Rewards Program: RCI offers a Membership Rewards program that allows timeshare owners to earn points for various activities, such as exchanging their timeshare, booking extra vacations, and referring friends and family to join RCI. These points can be redeemed for discounts on future exchanges or other travel-related benefits, providing timeshare owners with additional perks and rewards.

In summary, RCI provides timeshare owners with flexibility, enhanced vacation options, time and cost savings, exchange flexibility, additional travel benefits, and access to a rewards program, making it a valuable resource for timeshare owners looking to maximize the value of their ownership and expand their vacation opportunities.


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