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How to Acquire a FREE Timeshare from Timeshare Nation

How to acquire a free timeshare for sale.

Timeshare Nation is the industry's largest online marketplace where people can search for and find a timeshare to fit their vacation needs for free! Timeshares come in all shapes and sizes, and with hundreds of timeshares available for sale for free, everyone can find something that can work for them or their family's upcoming vacations.

Timeshare Nation's purpose is to find new owners that can use the timeshares or exchange them with Interval International or RCI to try new timeshare resorts, and can pay the maintenance fee for the use along with all the other owners.

We understand these free timeshares seem too good to be true! Because of this, we’ve decided to pull back the curtain and show everyone who we are as a company and what exactly we offer!

Who and What We Are

Timeshare Nation was founded in early 2015 after it was realized the timeshare industry needed a company like Timeshare Nation: an established market place consisting of free timeshares. Thousands of current timeshare owners are looking to exit ownership and Timeshare Nation allows their timeshares to be viewed by a large audience of aspiring timeshare owners.

Our company enables current and future timeshare owners to exit and acquire ownership responsibly and confidently. Why are the current owners looking to exit ownership? Well, it could be for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately, it might be employment or health related. Perhaps their income or health has changed and they can no longer travel. Maybe they've traded this timeshare in towards a new one. Or maybe they had an Orlando based timeshare for their young family, but now their children have grown up and they no longer travel to Orlando.

No matter the reason, the timeshare is free to acquire. No closing costs, no transfers fees. The original purchase price has been completed paid off, too!

Again, to repeat: you can acquire a timeshare from us for completely free. Once you are the owner, you will receive all of the normal ownership benefits, and you simply assume the future maintenance fee. The cost to operate a resort is spread out among all owners at that resort via a maintenance fee.

Okay, so how do you acquire a free timeshare from Timeshare Nation? It's really simple!:

Steps to Acquire a Timeshare from Timeshare Nation

Step 1: Timeshare Nation’s Website

It all starts with a visit to our site.

Our timeshares are located in various sections. We list our timeshares based by region (for example Midwest, Northeast, Caribbean) or specific state (for example Florida, Hawaii, South Carolina).

You can sift through all of our inventory and find the most personally appealing timeshares quickly.

Step 2: Finding and Reserving the Perfect Timeshare

We have created webpages for many of our individual timeshares. You will find all of the necessary information for our timeshares on their individual web pages.

Toward the bottom of the page is the timeshare’s availability box. Here, you will find the timeshare usage. You will also find the unit size and maintenance fee costs.

Most importantly, you will find the Reserve Now button. You should reserve any timeshares you are interested in quickly. In order to keep up with the high demand, Timeshare Nation operates on a first come, first serve basis.

We’ve moved timeshares in mere minutes of posting them on our site. We can’t stress this enough: reserve the timeshare as soon as you can! We hate to turn away people because we just gave their dream timeshare to someone else.

As for the reservation process, it is very simple. Seriously, it takes less than 10 seconds. This is all you have to fill out, take a look:

The box will automatically populate with the resort's name and timeshare usage. You just need to insert your name, email address, and phone number!

Once you submit the reservation, we will receive a notification. We will then email you a copy of the paperwork we have on file and the Offer Letter. We typically respond to reservations within a few hours, unless you reserve a timeshare over the weekend. At that point, we will respond Sunday evening or Monday morning!

Step 3: Offer Letter

We use a software program named Zoho Sign to allow our customers to sign the letter via their computer or mobile device. You can review the Offer Letter and decide against acquiring the timeshare, by the way.

Here is an example of our Offer Letter:

After reviewing and signing the Offer Letter, anyone becoming the new owner must provide a copy of ID. The copy of ID is used to verify the electronic signature to the resort and transfer agent.

Most people just snap a quick picture of their Driver's License or Passport via their cellphone and send it in via email or text message.

If you prefer to send the copy of ID directly to the transfer agent or the resort, that works too! We will put you in contact with them!

Step 4: Transfer of Ownership

We then send the signed Offer Letter to the transfer agent to start the transfer process. This typically takes 30-90 days.

The transfer agent or a representative with Timeshare Nation will notify you via email once the timeshare is officially in your name! You can email or call us at any time to check on the transfer, though.

Step 5: Rate and Review

Please rate and review us on Facebook! We are trying to lower the skepticism and reviews from our customers are the best way to do so!


Hopefully, this has helped you better understand the Timeshare Nation and our process of acquiring a free timeshare! Visit our site now and find the timeshare that will allow for the vacation of your dreams!


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