Save Money with Meadow Ridge Resort

August 16, 2016


Meadow Ridge Resort is the first product of our working relationship with Vacation Resorts International (VRI), and we couldn’t be more excited for what it offers our customers, especially in terms of savings! Based on some research, you can save hundreds of dollars with us!


We could go on and on about the comfortability of the condos, which sleeps 8-12 people; the newly renovated aquatic center; or the miles and miles of shoreline and beach located nearby, but the most enticing aspect of acquiring a Meadow Ridge Resort timeshare from Timeshare Nation is the price!


As you know, the cost of acquiring a timeshare from Timeshare Nation is always $0 - completely and totally free. There are never any closing costs or transfer fees! All you have to do is assume the maintenance fees, and for Meadow Ridge Resort, they are extremely competitive.


You won’t find a more affordable way to vacation in beautiful Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, known affectionately as the Cape Cod of the Midwest. Let’s take a look at some of the numbers…


With Timeshare Nation, you can become an owner of a Meadow Ridge Resort 3 bedroom timeshare in the Fall for free and assume the annual maintenance fee of $1,249. For a seven night stay, this puts you at $179 per night.


If you were to go through a booking site like or, you would be able to rent (not own) a 3 bedroom unit in the Fall for a total exceeding $1,650 after transaction fees and taxes. This puts you at $235 per night.


The savings are daunting; you save over $400 annually for a great family vacation.


All of this is before you consider the FREE BONUS WEEK we offer our customers. New owners at Meadow Ridge Resort can receive a FREE BONUS WEEK to stay at the resort 100% free. The FREE BONUS WEEK can be used in a 4 night and 3 night split.


When you acquire a Meadow Ridge Resort timeshare from us, you will also receive a FREE Prime Trading Places membership. This exchange membership is valued at $79 per year and creates laundry list of useful ownership benefits.


Perhaps some of you are interested in renting private homes or condos for stay in the Egg Harbor. Ultimately, timeshare vacations are less costly than homeaway vacation rentals. Based on VRBO and AirBnB, the average price for a night’s stay in Egg Harbor is around $200, which is $30 more than our maintenance fees.


Also, timeshare vacations are more secure than homeaway vacation rentals, which rely heavily on the independent host. Some hosts are great, others not so much.


The value is simply too great to refuse! If you’re looking to stay in beautiful Egg Harbor, reserve your timeshare now! This opportunity won’t last forever!


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