Unwanted or Unused Timeshares: We Have a Solution

April 5, 2018


As a timeshare company, we have noticed there are many of you out there with unused or unwanted timeshares. Many of you come to us asking for help with these timeshares.


Unfortunately, we could not help you with this problem. We would have to direct you to other sites or try to educate you on this best ways to rid yourself of the unused or unwanted timeshares.


We are proud to announce we can finally offer some assistance with any unused or unwanted timeshares! Timeshare Nation has created a Facebook group named Timeshare Nation Buy/Sell/Trade.


We hope to create a safe, close-knit community market for people and their timeshares. The relatively new group is growing by the day.


We are posting many of our timeshares there, as well. Each Friday we will post new timeshares in the community. All timeshares from Timeshare Nation are 100% free and no additional transaction fees are charged! If you don't find something you like from us there, just visit our Availability Page. All of our inventory will always be posted there!


We urge you to join the group and post your timeshares!


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