Timeshares: A Profitable Experience

May 2, 2019

Timeshare Nation has provided individuals and families FREE timeshares for well over a year, and in the span of a year, we have found people acquire timeshares for various reasons.


Some acquire a timeshare for the capability to lock in an affordable family vacation year after year. Others may acquire a timeshare to spend time with their loved one at alluring locations once their children are grown and on their own.


A large portion of our customer base acquire timeshares for a totally different reason, though.


We have found many people acquire a timeshare solely to rent the unit to others. This is a profitable route for many.


A very profitable route.


Also, a fairly easy route.


There are dozens of websites allowing users to post their timeshare for rental. Some of the best websites include Redweek.com, airbnb.com, vrbo.com, HomeAway.com, and tug2.net.


Users can competitively place their timeshares on these online marketplaces.


With Timeshare Nation, you acquire the ownership for completely FREE - no closing costs, no transfer fees. Therefore, in order to be profitable, our owners must only cover the annual maintenance fee. Most of our timeshares listed on timeshare rental sites would more than cover the maintenance fee.


For instance, an individual could acquire our The Imperial Hawaii timeshare for free and then place it on Redweek for as much as $1,600. Once someone rents your timeshare located in beautiful Honolulu, you would make an easy profit of around $900!


Grandview at Las Vegas is another great example. The maintenance fee is $360 annually. You could place the timeshare on VRBO and make $750 from renting the unit. That would be a profit of nearly $400 annually!


In the past, we have had Gaslamp Plaza Suites timeshares. The maintenance fees were incredibly low; a maintenance fee for Gaslamp was set at $583 annually. Current rental pricing for a week stay on HomeAway.com is as high as $1,000. That would make for a profit of nearly $1,000!


Florida timeshares are also very valuable on the rental market. You could acquire our Vacation Village at Parkway 1 bedroom unit and take over the annual maintenance fee of $667. After placing the unit on airbnb, you would make a profit of $450!


If you have ever wondered about the profitability of owning a timeshare, check the maintenance fees of our timeshares and their respective listings on timeshare rental sites.


You will quickly learn how much money can be made by acquiring a timeshare from us.


Acquire a timeshare from Timeshare Nation and it will be a profitable experience. You will have the opportunity to make memories or money. Sometimes you will be capable of both!


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Timeshares: A Profitable Experience

May 2, 2019

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