Relieve Some Stress: Try TimeshareIQ

May 20, 2016



Finding the perfect timeshare can be stressful and unnerving. The amount of time and effort needed to find the perfect timeshare almost proves unworthy of the stress.


There are many factors that one must consider when trying to choose the best timeshare. Juggling the importance of these factors is a daunting task. It can ultimately lead to indecision, which is obviously bad for a company like Timeshare Nation.


Fortunately, Timeshare Nation has created a short, concise survey that matches people with the timeshare that best suites them. This process has been coined as Timeshare IQ and it takes less than a couple of minutes to complete.


We weigh the importance you place on certain resort attributes, for instance: proximity to ocean, day-use capability, mountains, and weather, to name a few. Factors such as family size, seasonal preference, and your current home residence are also considered.


We’ve constructed a proprietary algorithm in which we input all of the variables from your survey.


Once we receive the ouput from our algorithm, we then email you with information on the best timeshare or timeshares for you that is currently in our sizable inventory.


Unfortunately, we may not always have a perfect match. This is an uncommon occurrence.


If this were to happen, we save your data and notify you once a match becomes available.

We receive new timeshares every week, so we will most certainly acquire something that matches you!


The survey, algorithm, and response takes place in a matter of a few days. Timeshare IQ removes the stress and burden accompanying the normal process.


We’ve helped almost hundreds find their perfect timeshare match! Try Timeshare IQ today!


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