Timeshare really does save you money...we can prove it!!!

May 12, 2016


Timeshare Nation is proud to announce a new and revolutionary aspect to TimeshareNation.com.


For the first time in the timeshare travel industry, travel goers and timeshare owners alike can now compare the cost of a maintenance fee versus the cost of the resort’s normal hotel rate.  By just clicking a single button, users of TimeshareNation.com can see for their very own eyes that it truly does cost less to be a timeshare owner!


Timeshare Nation’s exclusive capability to show the rate comparisons is made possible through a partnership with GoForLess.com.


This ability is similar to Progressive Insurance’s Price Comparison tool; Timeshare Nation and timeshare ownership should routinely be the most affordable way to vacation.


It will also eliminate hours of stress accrued from travel planning!


Let’s use Grandview at Las Vegas an example.


After reviewing the Grandview Resort page on TimeshareNation.com, you can see the annual maintenance fee for a yearly week of stay at the timeshare is only $735 and the retail rate is well over $1,000 for a two bedroom condo!  Click here to see for yourself.


Below the timeshare information is a bright red button reading “Compare”. Once you click this button, a new window will open with multiple tabs. These tabs will show the cheapest price for a week of stay at Grandview at Las Vegas via TripAdvisor, Priceline, Hotels.com, Booking.com, and Venere and others.


After scanning each tab, you’ll find acquiring a timeshare via Timeshare Nation is the most affordable way to stay for a week at Grandview at Las Vegas. In fact, by using Timeshare Nation, you would save over $400 when you stay at the Grandview at Las Vegas, and even more because all timeshares on TimeshareNation.com cost $0 to acquire.


Time after time, you’ll find the same thing: timeshares really do save money.


For instance, by using our price comparison button, you will find the following deals:


Gas Lamp Plaza Suites timeshare via Timeshare Nation will save you $460 annually. Click here to see.


A London Bridge Resort timeshare via Timeshare Nation will save you $811 annually. Click here to see.


A Palm Beach Shores Resort timeshare via Timeshare Nation will save you $820 annually. Click here to see.


A Plantation Resort timeshare via Timeshare Nation will save you $246 annually. Click here to see.


We could go on and on, but you should find a timeshare that interests you and try it for yourself!


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